Strengthen your community with CommuNext.

Members can socialize with a variety of posts, upload photographs and keep themselves updated with daily news.

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About CommuNext

The bonding between members of a community is greatly enhanced through communication. CommuNext is a platform for Indian Communities that wish to join hands through internet.

CommuNext is a product of ScrapeNext Technologies for community volunteers to setup for their community. It is build on the latest Flutter technology and keeps up with powerful servers. While most applications are tailored to client utility, that itself becomes a factor for huge financial burden to the administrators. Also, the number of users don't govern the cost for such one-time built application. How is CommuNext different? CommuNext charges on subscription basis. You pay only as long as you use. And CommuNext charges per person. Small community? Worried about higher server and development costs? Don't worry. We have got you covered.

More about the developer

About ScrapeNext Technologies

Want to build websites and mobile applications? ScrapeNext Technologies is a Navi Mumbai based agency that develops online platforms for start ups and businesses. We expertise in Django, Python, HTML and Wordpress technologies for websites and build mobile applications on Flutter.

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Socialize with Ease

Attractive & Easy Interface

Experience of user is priority number one!

Upload Images

For a variety of events, of course!

Cloud Matrimony

Marriages are made in heaven they say!

News Updates

View regional news on the go.

Advertisements by Admin

Exclusive panel for handling ad spaces.

Multi-Lingual Interface

Language can never be a barrier in communication. Never.

For the administrators

Super Admin Panel for Super Control

There are certain powers that administrators require for better functioning of the app. CommuNext provides an admin panel that allows posting control, member data export option, advertisement management with ranking feature and custom notification dashboard.

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Custom Notifications

Send notifications manually to all users!

Advertisement Panel

Rank advertisements and control their position.

Posting Panel & Member Data

Delete unwanted posts and export member data at will!

Pricing Plan

Subscription based Pricing

INR 0.25

per member per year

Minimum 150 Members

INR 0.22

per member per year

Between 150 to 300 Members

INR 0.2

per member per year

For 450 Members and above

Add Ons - One Time Payment

  • INR 10000
  • Advertisements
  • INR 20000
  • Premium Accounts with Cloud Matrimony
  • INR 40000
  • Relations and Family Trees

More About Add Ons


Generate revenue by selling ad spaces to members as well as non-members. Administrators can decide the sequencing of the advertisement through the admin panel.

Premium Membership with Cloud Matrimony

Annual Premium membership charges can be levied on members wishing extra features like Multi-Photo posts and Matrimony. Cloud Matrimony allows listing and matchmaking through in-app portal exclusively for Premium members.

Inter-Relations and Family Tree

Want to know your relation with some other member? We have got you covered. This feature allows creating a chain of relations between any two members. Also, each member profile gets a family tree!